How to delete your Microsoft “Work or School” account

There are two kinds of Microsoft accounts: “Personal” and “Work or School” accounts (more information about the two types can be found in another blog post of mine). When you have both types under the same login email address you will be asked to select which account you want to use each time you sign in, which becomes very annoying very soon.

If you indeed need both accounts, the best strategy is probably to change the login email address of your Personal account and be done with it.

If you, like me, accidentally created a “Work or School” account for an email address (e.g., by logging in at the Microsoft Partner Center), there is no easy way to delete that account. I used official Microsoft support to get rid of it, and in order to spare you the hussle, I’m writing this blog post.

By creating the “Work or School” account for your email address [email protected] you implicitly created:

  • An Azure Active Directory tenant for
  • A Shadow domain “” for your domain which has been assigned to the tenant
  • A user account inside the tenant with the login email address set to your email address

To get rid of all three things you just have to follow along:

  1. Log in with the “Work or School” account at
  2. Select the “Admin” app
  3. Follow the instructions to become an admin for the “” domain (basically you need to create a certain TXT DNS entry for your domain)
  4. Go to Users -> Active users, select your user (there should only be one entry) and click “Manage username”. Change the domain from to
  5. Go to Setup -> Domains, make the shadow domain ( the default domain and then delete the actual domain

Now your “Work or School” account is no longer named “[email protected]” and if the annoying login selection dialog is all you care about you’re done. Log out of everything and voila!

However, if you’re like me, being unsettled by the still existent account, the Azure Active Directory tenant (no longer linked to, but still existing) and the shadow domain, you can follow along to get rid of them too:

  1. Log in with the “Work or School” account at – you can do so now by logging in with the email address [email protected]
  2. Enter “Azure Active Directory” into the resource search box
  3. Press the “Delete tenant” button

At this point Azure is going to make some checks before letting you delete the AD. If you used your “Work or School” account heavily, fulfilling all the rules can be a long and tedious process, you can find lots of instructions on Google searching for “delete active directory tenant”. Sometimes you can’t even delete things via the UI (e.g., some “Enterprise Applications”) and you have to fall back to PowerShell. If you assigned licenses to the tenant (e.g., by buying and assigning an Office 365 license to the tenant) you even need to contact Microsoft support to get rid of it.

For us “accidentally created the account” guys things are simpler though, you basically need to:

  • Be the only user in this Active Directory tenant – should be the case
  • You need proper access rights for the domain – not the case, but you can simply press “Get permissions to delete Azure resources” and then switch the following toggle to “Yes”:
  • Afterwards you need to logout and login again so that the changes are in effect
  • Then you can finally delete the tenant and thereby the Azure AD + the contained “Work or School” account

If you’ve any questions, just add a comment.

9 thoughts on “How to delete your Microsoft “Work or School” account

  1. Thank you for this post!

    Just what I needed after being annoyed by needing to always choose Personal Account for the last few years!

  2. Great article but what if you can’t become admin?

    I signed up for a school account with just my college email address – I have now left college and want to delete it as I have documents attached to the account.

    There isn’t an admin for my college as they use Google G Suite

    Am a little stuck, any help would be appreciated

    1. Phew, very good question. I’m sorry, I unfortunately don’t have an answer for that. You probably need to open a support ticket with Microsoft to let them manually delete your account.

  3. Thank you for this post. I’d been searching for an answer to how I had a “work and school” account and account for my personal email for quite a while.

    Any idea how to get the “work” account (which I’ve now deleted in Azure) off my Windows 10 machine? It still shows up under “accounts used by other apps” in “email & accounts” under settings.

    1. Can’t you click on them and then just click the appearing “Remove” button? At least that worked on my machine.

      1. Under “email and accounts”, “accounts used by other apps”, the accidently created “work or school” account only allows me to “manage” it – there is no option to delete it. This is true even if I convert my login to a local rather than microsoft account.

  4. you can use also this powerhsell script:

    Get-ItemProperty -Path “C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Packages” | ForEach-Object {
    Remove-Item -Path “$_\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin*” -Recurse -Force | Out-Null

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