Modern Web Testing with Selenium @ We Are Developers 2016

The 2016 We Are Developers conference is coming up. The event has grown a lot since last year: more than 500 fellow developers are attending. I’m looking forward to exciting talks and thrilling discussions about modern web and mobile development. My humble self will host a round table about “Modern Web Testing with Selenium”, trying to generate new insights into automated web tests in the realm of cutting-edge web applications (say: dynamic DOM changes all over the place, frequent UI redesigns & lots of client-side features). Read my teaser @ Modern Web Testing with Selenium and don’t hesitate to join the round table on Wednesday!     Read the rest

All WCF timeouts explained

Searching the Internet for “WCF timeouts” brings up a whole lot of material. Until now, however, I have not found the place™ explaining all the different timeout settings, why they exist and what their respective side effects are. This article tries to synthesize the bits and bytes I discovered into a single, comprehensive article.

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